Physical Activity Tips

Physical Activity of the Month: Alpine Skiing

DECEMBER. You may think the December weather is frightful, but hitting the slopes can make it that much more delightful.  Alpine skiing can burn approximately 400-500 calories per hour and snowboarding is close behind at about 350-450 calories per hour.  

If the downhill slopes are not your preference, try cross-country skiing. At a vigorous pace, cross-country skiing can burn up to 600 calories per hour!

No matter your choice, get outside and breathe in that crisp, cold, refreshing air!

Physical Activity of the Month: Raking Leaves

NOVEMBER. The last month of autumn--get outside--enjoy the crisp air and what's left of the fall foliage!

  • If you own a home and there is yard work to be done, put down the leaf blower and pick up a rake. Raking leaves can burn 300-450 calories per hour!
  • Don't have a yard? Go for a hike! Depending on body weight, intensity and metabolism, hiking can burn up 400-500 calories per hour! The perks? You can enjoy the autumn views from the top!